Interview with Ĺuboš Ocet – WSA World Championships Zuberec 2020

Jacek Wlodarczyk (JW): Ĺuboš, in the past, races and last championships 2012 in Zuberec were organized by Marek Havran. But last years the organization of this event was transfered to you and Mayor of city Zuberec – Vladimír Šiška. Are you not afraid of this chalange?

Ĺuboš Ocet (LO): Marek Havran has organized the dog sledge racing in Zuberec. It was long time ago. He started with dog sledge racing in the Zuberec. He built a good name among the racers and in Zuberec. He brought the race in to the high level. I helped him with organisation on the World Championship in 2012. Since that time i had cooperate with Vladimír Siska. Every year, together with Siska, we organize dog sled competitions in Zuberec. We have extensive experience in the organization for several years. I think we keep racing level and also I hope that we will prepare another great WSA World Championship in Zuberec.

Psie záprahy – Zuberec 2019

Takto pred týždňom – ešte si pamätáte? V prvom rade VŠETKÝM ĎAKUJEME, že ste boli pozrieť a podporiť pretekárov a ich miláčikov, ďakujeme sponzorom a partnerom za podporu. O rok sa dúfam, že uvidíme znova, lebo chystáme aj nové veci 🙂 Video natočil Adam Lackovič #sleddogzuberec #psiezaprahy #mushing #slovakia. Ak máte niečo na srdci, pokojne napíšte do komentárov.

Opublikowany przez Sleddog – Zuberec Niedziela, 27 stycznia 2019


JW.: How big will be stake-out? Would it hold 250 musher teams?

LO.: The capacity of stake – out is 180 teams now. We will try to enlarge the capacity this summer to give space for another mushers and their teams.

JW.: What is the level of sport team infrastructure?

LO.: We care about of safety of our mushers and their dogs. In the stake-out is in case of emergency. Vet and Mountain Rescue Service will be on order. We have also other useful services for the participants. There are restaurants, fast foods, toilets and also places where are opportunities to take a water for dogs.

JW.: What additional events/extras you plan for mushers?

LO.: The final program is not coplete now. We are preparing main event and also accompanying program. Music, fun, dog sledging for spectators (viewers) will be hold on whole event in stake out arena. We are preparing also some surprises for mushers and their families.

JW.: What are the astimated lenght of trails for sprint and middle dinstace? The trails of middle distance will be covered with sprint or seperate?

LO.: The length of the tracks will be: 2 Dogs category – 6 km, 4 Dogs – 8km, 6 Dogs – 12km, 8 Dogs –  18km, Open ca 20km, Mid 40 km (Loop Open x2).


JW.: What kind of time keeping system will be used on championships?

LO.: Time measurement will be online and the results will be on internet immediately after the musher reach the finish line. It is standard in Zuberec.

JW.: What kind of additional highway costs must be purshaded for european mushers to travel through Slovakia to reach championships destination?

LO.: The mushers have to be prepared for highway charge – up to 3.5 t its 10 € for 10 days, more than 3,5 t see

JW.: How big is a accomodation base in Zuberec

LO.: Zuberec and surroundings among to the famous Slovakian ski area. There are a lot of opportunities of acomodation. (around 3000 beds). We anyway recommend to mushers to book their accomodation sooner, because World championship is very popular and capacity of accomodations can be full. See more:

JW.: How many visitors you predict on championship days?

LO.: We expect 15.000 viewers. In short time we are going to start promoting the 2019 World Cup in Zuberec. We will promote the 2019 World Cup more intensly one month before the race.

JW.: What is your expectation for starting fee?

LO.: We expect that starting fee will be ca. 100 €


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