Registration INZELL – Long & Mid 1-3.02.2019

Organizer / Veranstalter / Organizator: SSB- Schlittenhundesport Bayern e.V. supported by the community Inzell.

Date / Datum / Termin zawodów: LT with bivouac: 01. + 02. + 03. February 2019, Start on Friday ab 14:30 Uhr.
MD, Tour, Canicross: 02. + 03. February 2019, Start on Saturday and Sunday.

Place / Platz/ Miejsce: At the Campingplatz Inzell, Highway München-Salzburg, Exit Inzell, Germany

Category / Klassen / Kategorie: Purepred und Open, each separately if there are at laest 3 finishers per class.
LT: SJ/Pulka, LT-I (2-4 Dogs), LT-II (5-7 Dogs), LT-O (8-10 Dogs)
MD: SJ/Pulka, MD1(2-4 Dogs), MD2 (5-7 Dogs), MD-O (8-10 Dogs), Canicross

Trail / Streckenführung / Przebieg tras: On the loip net and on forest roads, alpine profile.

Route length / Strecke / Długość tras: LT: 3x ca. 30km, each ca. 1000 Hm, all class with bivouac
MD: 2x ca. 23km, each ca. 800 Hm, all class
Tour + Canicross: 2x ca. 18km, Touring riders can also go shorter distances

Racing boss / Rennleitung / Dyrektor wyścigów: Wolfgang Fehringer

Race rules / Regulamin wyścigów: FISTC (no helmet required, but recommended)

Entry fee / Meldegeld / Opłata rejestracyjna nie podlegająca zwrotowi: 20 € for all Member by online-registration (no refund possible)
+ pay start fee at the start number issue:

Start fee / Startgeld / Opłata startowa: 60 € for Challenge-members, SSB Challenge-members 40 €, incl. 2 musherfood, food+drinks in bivouac 40 € for MD + Canicross incl. 2 musherfood, SSB members 20 €. 30 € for Tour, incl. 2 musherfood, SSB members 15 €.
All price incl. camping space charge and tourist tax.

Important for all mushers / Wichtig für alle Musher / Ważne informacje!
 All dog must be vaccinated, also puppies and young dog!
 Minimum age of all dogs in the team = 18 months, touring riders on shorter distances max. 12 km = 16 months!
 Sled minimum weight for LT-1, LT-2, LT-O = 7kg/dog, (does not apply for MD + Tour)
 Only distance sled allowed, no sprint sled! (except on tour to 2-4 dogs)
 The sled ready packed, must still provide enouch space for a dog
 Note packing list, look: LT- Ausrüstungsliste

Starting numbers / Startnummernausgabe / Odprawa, wydanie numerów startowych: LT with bivouac: Thursday 18:00 – 20:00
MD, Tour, Canicross: Friday 18:00 – 19:00

The musher party is for all / Musherabend ist für alle / Wieczór maszera dla wszystkich at 7:00 pa. in to the Stadl 🙂

Participation is at your own risk, eauch musher is liable for ist safty and damage itself.
Any changes to the invitation to tender ar reserved.

Registration on line / Rejestracja on line:

More info / Więcej informacji:

Limit starters / Limit zawodników: 100 mushers

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