Elena Shepeleva – sleddog sport is emotions from speed, from snow and dogs work

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Sleddogsport.info: What equipment do you use?

Elena Shepeleva: Danler Sled´s and Rotter sleds for race and training. Emelyanov`s for carttraining. Harness and lines from Rower-Land, Vento Libero

Sleddogsport.info: What you feed your dog?

Elena Shepeleva: Arden Grange + natural supplement


Elena Shepeleva’s archive

Sleddogsport.info: The number and breed of dogs?

Elena Shepeleva: At the moment we got 46 dogs: 1 Rhodesian Ridgeback, 1 Alaskan Husky, others are Siberian husky. 18 show huskies others are sporting line.

Sleddogsport.info: Club Colours?


Elena Shepeleva: SDC Concord for WSA, Snow Dogs for IFSS.

Sleddogsport.info: First start on the competition?

Elena Shepeleva: My first start was in 1998 in Moscow on 2 huskies in Russian Championship.

Sleddogsport.info: 3 best sporting achievements?

Elena Shepeleva: 9`th place at 2008 WSA WCh in B1-class, Russian Multi Champion in B1

Sleddogsport.info: The most beautiful trail to the contest?

Elena Shepeleva: Kanderstag WSA ECh 2009.

Sleddogsport.info: The most difficult trail on the contest?

Elena Shepeleva: Samara 2012 New Year race

Sleddogsport.info: The place where you train?


Elena Shepeleva: Near my house in Korobovo by cart and sled. In Chulkovo by cart and sled, In Troitsk by cart and sled, in Dzerzhinsky by cart.

Sleddogsport.info: What do you like best in this sport?

Elena Shepeleva: Cooperation with dogs, emotions from speed, from snow and dogs work, lots of friendly people.

Sleddogsport.info: What in this sport`s most annoys you?

Elena Shepeleva: When dog of some mushers are have poor appearance, not feed well, not washed and others…

Sleddogsport.info: Do you prefer take-offs on proven trails and good places or rather more new places and new trails?

Elena Shepeleva: Doesn`t metter


Sleddogsport.info: What do you think about the division FISTC and WSA?

Elena Shepeleva: I do not start at FISTC, I don`t know, why =)

Sleddogsport.info: Do you think you can combine sport chariot fascination with family life?

Elena Shepeleva: I trying to do it, but….

Sleddogsport.info: Other hobby?

Elena Shepeleva: Also I have pet-horse, driving motorcicle, traveling by car, to read.

Sleddogsport.info: What kind of music you listen to?

Elena Shepeleva: Folk-Rock, Russian Rock, and lots of others. Nightwish, Gregorians, Lesiem, Linkin Park, Nickelback, Florense and the Mashine, Nautilus Pompilius, Picknick, Fleur.

Sleddogsport.info: What do you like best to eat?

Elena Shepeleva:Pasta Bolognese, sushi, Steakes (!!!!!)

Sleddogsport.info: You r greatest sporting dream. What do you want to achieve in the future?

Elena Shepeleva: To be Olympic champion in B1.

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