Andy Birkel – Every new trail and place need a chance

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Sponsors:,, , Sport Hochreiter Inzell. What equipment do you use?

Andy Birkel: Danler Sled´s for race and training. Flauger for carttraining. Harness and lines from Helmut Peer. What you feed your dog?

Andy Birkel: I feed Josera. In my mind one of the best High Energy product for dogs. The number of your dogs?

Andy Birkel: At the moment we got 11 dogs. 4 old dogs and 7 racedogs. In Nov. is coming a new puppy from Stepan Krkoska. All racing dogs are from Reebook´s and Trinity lines. Club Colours?

Andy Birkel: SSB for FISTc and SC Weissbach for WSA. First start on the competition?

Andy Birkel: My first start was in 1997 in Langtaufers South Tyrol in Cat. Skijöring . 3 best sporting achievements?

Andy Birkel: The race season 2010/11 was my best season. I am German Champion, Bavarian Champion, Int. Austrian Champion, 2. Place on WC Donovaly FISTC – all in Cat. B1

Birkel fpt. prywatna
Andy Birkel’s archive The most beautiful trail to the contest?

Andy Birkel: One of the best racetrail in Europa is Auronzo in Italy. The most difficult trail on the contest?

Andy Birkel: Difficult was last year Donovaly. I started 2004 and 2006 in Innerkrems MD. The trail was high up in the mountains and the “downhill” was sometimes very difficult.


Birkel srebrny medal donovaly 2011

Silver medal na WC FISTC Donovaly 2011
Andy Birkel’s archive The place where you train?

Andy Birkel: During the wintertime I train the dogs on the nice skating trails around my hometown. I got a license to do that. With cart also around our small town. do you like best in this sport?

Andy Birkel: When you come to the finish line after a hard race and the dogs are still happy. Than the training and all the stuff around was perfekt. What in this sport’s most annoys you?

Andy Birkel: When some musher use the dogs like cars. Put them out, run them and nothing else.We love our dogs. Do you prefer take-offs on proven trails and good places or rather more new places and new trails?

Andy Birkel: Every new trail and place need a chance. What do you think about the division FISTC and WSA: Why you dont participate in WSA championiships, when its legally possible for you even as a FISTC member?

Andy Birkel: I for myself participate always on FISTC Championchips but from the new season 2011/12 I change to WSA because there are some guys in the FISTC who wants only make politic and NO Sport. I´m a musher and I want to make sport against the best other mushers. Do you think you can combine sport chariot fascination with family life?

Andy Birkel: I can only say: my girlfriend and me we life for this sport and we got no problem to share our life with our Dogs. Other hobby?

Andy Birkel: I like mountainbike and streetbike in the Summer and skating during the Winter. What kind of music you listen to?

Andy Birkel: I like Metallica,Red Hot ChilliPeppers , Kid Rock and other Heavy Metal Stuff. do you like best to eat?

Andy Birkel: I like Italy and German food. Your greatest sporting dream. What do you want to achieve in the future?

Andy Birkel: Future main goal is WC in Cat. B1 and always HAPPY dogs.

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